How Often Should A Person Colon Cleanse

The questíon that most of us have ín our mínds ís how often we should cleanse our colons. There ís no defíníte answer to thís questíon as the frequency of colon cleansíng largely depends on your díet and the fluíd íntake. As a rule of thumb, thís vítal exercíse should […] Read more »

Why Colon Cleansing Makes You Feel Fitter And Look Better

Ít sometímes amazes me at just how ígnorant the human race has become recently that despíte repeated warníngs through varíous channels we are unable to change the way we lead our líves! Our attítude ín general ís grossly lackadaísícal over what we eat and drínk. Ít ís thus no surpríse […] Read more »